Simply Droolicious Dog Treat Recipes

Welcome to Simply Droolicious, a website dedicated to easy, healthy dog treat recipes for dogs made by the humans that love them.

Here you’ll find an abundance of homemade dog treat recipes that will leave most dogs drooling for more.

Simple is Always Better

I’m not a complex dog treat recipe creator. The simpler the better so the purpose of these recipes is to have limited but healthy ingredients. Many of the dog treat recipes here will contain simple fruits or vegetables, raw goat milk, bone broth, non-fat plain yogurt and non-toxic spices. That’s it! We create baked and frozen dog treats but frozen treats are a favorite here because they store longer and there are limitless creations to be made!

More About Our Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

The dog treat recipes that you’ll find here contain simple and healthy ingredients for most dogs but you should always check with your veterinarian before adding any new foods to your dog’s diet. I’m not a veterinarian or a veterinarian nutritionist and while most of the recipes here have been approved by our veterinarian, every dog is different. Please do not use the information contained in this blog to substitute for veterinarian advice. These dog treat recipes are intended for intermittent feeding, not as a complete diet. Always be sure that your dog has plenty of fresh, clean water available.

The way I feed our frozen treats is usually as a topper to their main meals. I alternate between fruit and veggies so one day they’ll get a homemade fruit-based treat and the next will be a veggie treat. If there’s a peanut butter treat ready to be eaten those will be given as a special treat during the day. I also use some of these recipes as treats in their canine enrichment toys-the homemade dog-safe applesauce, homemade pumpkin seed butter and homemade dog peanut butter is perfect for using as a layer in dog enrichment toys!

What’s New

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